Have Questions About Cavities? We Have Answers!

Cavities are a common problem that can impact dental patients of all ages. There are many things you can do to avoid dental cavities. Working with your dentist in Willowbrook, IL, you can treat the cavities you have with fillings, and you can help keep your healthy teeth free of cavities. Here’s what to know.

What are cavities?

A cavity is a hole in the surface of your tooth, eaten away by bacteria. Cavities are caused by bacteria from eating sugary foods and drinking sugary drinks.

What are the symptoms of cavities?

Cavities usually show symptoms after they’ve had a while to develop. When your cavity is in its earlier stages, you may not notice any symptoms at all.

  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • A toothache that comes or goes, or regular pain
  • Visible holes in your teeth
  • Sensitivity to sweet drinks or foods
  • Pain when biting down
  • Tooth discolorations

What can dentists do to treat cavities?

Your dentist will likely recommend treating your cavity with a dental filling to fill in the hole in your tooth. Dental fillings can be made from different materials including amalgam (silver filling) or composite (tooth-colored filling).

What can I do to prevent cavities?

Cavity prevention starts by taking good care of your teeth at home and at the dentist office.

  • Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and an electric toothbrush
  • Get tutorials from your dentist to ensure that you’re brushing your teeth properly
  • Floss once daily
  • See the dentist two times per year for dental cleanings and examinations
  • Ask your dentist while you’re at the dentist office if there’s anything else you should be doing to take care of your teeth

Do all fillings have mercury in them?

Not all fillings have mercury in them. Amalgam fillings have mercury, but tooth-colored fillings made from composite material is known to not contain mercury. If you would like your cavity filling not to contain mercury, speak to your dentist.

Want to know more about mercury-free fillings in Willowbrook, IL? Talk to your dentist at Dentists of Hinsdale Lake. We offer mercury-free fillings to patients who want the best dental fillings available.

3 Tips to Maintain Good Dental Hygiene On Vacation

Are you going on vacation this spring or summer? It’s important to maintain good dental hygiene while you’re away. As your dentist in Willowbrook, IL, we’re happy to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. We can give advice and can also clean your teeth when you get back to ensure that you maintain good dental hygiene overall. Here’s what to know.

1. Pack Your Normal Dental Tools

Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and anything other dental tools you usually use at home. If you’re flying, put your toothbrush, tooth paste and floss in your carry on bag. This way, if your checked luggage is lost or if you miss your flight, you’ll still have what you need with you.

2. Maintain Your Usual Dental Hygiene Routine

Don’t put off part of your dental routine simply because you’re going on vacation. Continue to brush your teeth twice daily and floss once per day. Getting out of the habit of taking care of your teeth can have permanent consequences.

3. Forgot Your Tooth Paste? Brush Your Teeth Anyway

If you happen to forget your toothpaste, you can always pick some up at the nearest convenience store when you arrive at your destination. Until then, you can brush your teeth without toothpaste. While brushing your teeth without toothpaste isn’t quite as effective, it’s better than nothing.

If you’re staying in a hotel, you can also ask at the front desk if they have any toothpaste. They may have some on hand for guests.

4. See the Dentist When You Get Back

Many people find themselves eating extra sugar when they’re on vacation. Sugary foods and drinks can contribute to dental decay, periodontal disease and more. If this describes you, you’ll definitely need a dental examination and cleaning when you return. Make an appointment to see the dentist when you return from vacation.

Schedule an appointment for tooth cleaning in Willowbrook, IL. At Dentists of Hinsdale Lake, we can examine your teeth, clean any resulting tartar and plaque, and give advice to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Call today to get started.

4 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

What kind of toothbrush do you use? If you’re not using an electric toothbrush, you could be missing out on some important benefits that could protect your teeth from plaque and tartar. Electric tooth brushes offer a range of benefits that help patients control bacteria in the mouth, avoid problems like gum disease and maintain cleaner, healthier teeth. You can keep your teeth cleaner between dental cleanings in Willowbrook, IL using an electric toothbrush. Below, we’ve listed four benefits of using this type of toothbrush.

1. Time How Long You Brush

You’re supposed to be brushing your teeth for two minutes each time you brush, but are you doing it? Your electric toothbrush will help ensure you are! Most electric toothbrushes come with a built-in timer that indicates when you’ve been using your toothbrush for two minutes. Using your electric toothbrush timer, you can be sure to brush your teeth for the right amount of time.

2. Easier to Use if You Have Limited Mobility

Electric toothbrushes use vibrations or oscillations to keep your teeth clean. This effective cleaning action helps remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. This makes electric toothbrushes an effective tool for people who have limited mobility in their hands.

3. More Effective At Removing Plaque

All toothbrushes are designed to remove plaque and keep the teeth extra clean, but electric toothbrushes do this job better than the non-electric products. To ensure that the toothbrush you buy will be effective at removing plaque and tartar on your teeth, read reviews of happy customers, or ask your dentist for a product referral. Your dentist in Willowbrook, IL should know which electric toothbrushes are most effective for helping patients maintain clean, healthy teeth.

4. Use Modern Innovations to Do a Better Job

Some electric toothbrushes come with sensors that tell you when you’re brushing your teeth too hard. Other toothbrushes have apps that can help you track your progress and ensure that you’re getting your teeth as clean as possible. These modern innovations make electric toothbrushes a very smart product that can help improve your tooth brushing habits.

Want to know more about using an electric toothbrush to maintain healthy teeth? Contact Dentists of Hinsdale Lake to talk to your dental professional.


4 Reasons to Make A Dentist Appointment Before the Holidays  

Are your teeth healthy? Do they look their best? If you answered no to either of these questions, then it’s time to see the dentist in Willowbrook, IL. Seeing your dentist can help you prepare your teeth for the holidays, so your smile will shine bright in your holiday pictures, and you can avoid painful problems at a time when you should be having fun. In this article, we’ll discuss four good reasons to see the dentist very soon.

1. Your Teeth Will Look Nicer

When you go to the dentist even just for a regular cleaning, your dental professional will clean bacteria, tartar and plaque off of your teeth. Your dentist may even be able to remove some minor stains from your tooth enamel. This way, when the time comes to see relatives and friends at the holidays, your smile will look its best. You’ll be proud to show those pearly whites to the people you love.

2. Help Prevent Holiday Dental Emergencies

Holiday dental emergencies can happen to anyone, but you can prevent some of these emergencies if you see the dentist before you go to any holiday events. Your dentist will be able to catch problems like infections and cavities, which can lead to tooth aches.

3. Get In One More Tooth Cleaning Before End of the Year

Many dental insurance companies cover the cost of two dental cleanings per year. If you haven’t been to the dentist for your second cleaning this year, it’s time! See your dentist before the end of the year to take full advantage of your benefit.

4. Ask Questions About How You Can Maintain Your Teeth Around the Holidays

Do you have questions about the best way to care for your teeth at the holidays? Who better to answer those questions than your dentist? Schedule an appointment with your dental professional to get answers to your holiday dental care questions. Your dentist can tell you how to care for your teeth when you’re eating sugary holiday desserts, and more.

Need an appointment for a dental examination in Willowbrook, IL? Call the professionals at Dentists of Hindsdale Lake today to make an appointment.


New Year New Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have resolutions for the new year? How about a New Year’s resolution that is all about giving you new reasons to smile? The beginning of every new year is the perfect time to do something good for yourself, and cosmetic dentistry in Willowbrook, IL may be a good place to start. Check out some of the procedures to consider that can totally transform your smile.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom-made “caps” that are fitted over an existing tooth. Crowns can be installed to protect a tooth that has been extensively damaged, but they also work well to give a tooth a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. For example, if you have a tooth that is worn, misshapen, or discolored, a crown could restore that tooth so it better aligns with the rest of your smile.

Dental Veneers

If you are looking for the quickest way to transform the way your smile looks, dental veneers are an excellent option. These thin pieces are bonded to the front surface of each tooth to give the teeth a more desirable appearance. For instance, if you feel your teeth are too small, veneers can make the teeth look a bit larger. Likewise, if your teeth are discolored or misshapen, veneers can correct the issues. Dental veneers can be made out of composite or porcelain, but either material is a long-term solution for changing the cosmetic appearance of your smile.

Removable and Fixed Bridgework

Bridgework is a dental fixture that specifically works to fill gaps in the smile where teeth may be missing. Bridges can be fixed, which means they are permanently anchored to the surrounding teeth. However, a bridge can also be removable, so that you can take the fixture out for easy cleaning whenever you want. If you are missing a tooth or have gaps in your smile, bridges can be a go-to solution.

Start the New Year with Confidence with the Help of a Willowbrook Dentist

As the new year approaches, consider all the ways a new smile could make the years to come even better. A Willowbrook dentist can help you examine the options that could give you newfound self-confidence with a brand-new smile. Reach out to us at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake to schedule an appointment.

Best Things You Can Do to Prevent Cavities

Cavities are caused when a part of your mouth becomes permanently damaged and a hole develops in the tooth enamel. Cavities are caused by a combination of factors including poor dental hygiene or cleaning practices, bacteria in the mouth and habits like sipping sugary drinks. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent cavities in Willowbrook, IL.

Brush with Fluoride

Fluoride helps strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. Do you know if your toothpaste includes fluoride? If it doesn’t, then you probably need to switch toothpastes.

If you’re looking for additional ways to incorporate fluoride into your oral hygiene routine, buy a fluoride mouthwash from the pharmacy the next time you go. Follow the instructions on the bottle to avoid over-using the mouthwash.

Drink Water from the Tap

Most communities add fluoride to their tap water to help improve their population’s oral hygiene. Water is good for you – much better for you than sugary drinks like soda. If you’re not in the habit of drinking water from the tap, now is the time to start!

Maintain a Healthy Oral Hygiene Routine

Brush your teeth twice per day: once in the morning and once at night. If your teeth feel yucky in the middle of the day, feel free to brush your teeth an extra time! Keep an extra toothbrush and toothpaste at work or in your purse for just such an occasion.

Floss at least once daily, and again after events like a barbecue, when you might have eaten a lot of stringy foods. Talk to your dentist in Willowbrook, IL to find out whether you’re brushing and flossing the right way.

See the Dentist Regularly

One of the best things you can do to avoid cavities is to get regular dental checkups in Willowbrook, IL. Seeing the dentist regularly will help you determine whether you’re at risk for poor dental health, and will also help you decide when you need to make a change to your oral hygiene routine. For more information or to schedule your next dental appointment, call Dentists of Hinsdale Lake to make an appointment.

Dental Fluoride Treatments – Common Patient FAQs

Fluoride has been used for decades to help encourage healthier smiles, and these treatments are offered by us here at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake. Here is a look at a few of the most common questions patients have about fluoride treatment.

Why are fluoride treatments beneficial?

Your mouth is teeming with bacteria, even if you brush and floss on a regular basis. While the majority of the bacteria in your mouth has a job to do, such as breaking down your food, bad bacteria can be present as well. Unfortunately harmful oral bacteria can pose risks to your smile. These bacteria can break down the hard, protective enamel of your teeth over time. Fluoride works by helping to remineralize your teeth so the enamel hardens and harmful bacteria cannot break through so easily.

Can adults get fluoride treatments too?

Even though most people assume that children are only able to get fluoride treatments, people of any age can have the treatment performed on their teeth. The primary reason the treatments are most common with pediatric dental patients is the fact that children can be more prone to cavities. Nevertheless, some adults can have similar concerns and just about everyone can benefit from treatments that strengthen the enamel of their teeth. A few medical conditions that may mean an adult may need to consider fluoride treatment include:

  • Eating disorder or poor dietary choices
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Decreased saliva production

Is fluoride treatment safe?

Fluoride treatment is considered to be safe when done by a professional. Fluoride poisoning can only occur if someone utilizes or ingests too much fluoride during a treatment, which would be a rarity. In the event someone is exposed to too much fluoride, the overexposure can lead to:

  • Bone density problems
  • White spots on adult teeth
  • Pitting of dental enamel

With these risks in mind, it is easy to see why fluoride treatments should only be entrusted to a qualified professional.

Find Fluoride Treatments in Willowbrook, IL

When you want to do something to contribute to preventative care, fluoride treatments are a quick and easy solution. The treatment can be done at your Willowbrook dentist during a general visit and only takes a few extra minutes. If you would like to know more about fluoride treatment or other general dental care, reach out to us at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake to discuss options or schedule an appointment.

The Dangers of Lip Piercings for Your Oral Health

Piercings have grown to be somewhat of a passing fad to a commonality in modern times, and lip piercings happen to be one of the most popular. If you have a lip piercing, regardless of your age, you really do have to be attentive to your dental health. Dangers for your teeth and oral health can be a side effect of an ill-placed or poorly chosen piercing. Here are a few things you should know.

Infections near your mouth can affect the health of your smile.

Infections are one of the biggest risks with any type of piercing. Due to location, lip piercings can be even more prone to infection than usual. The area may be exposed to bacteria from the food you eat or even salival bacteria from your own mouth. Infections near your smile can automatically mean that there is a chance of causing damage because the issue can spread to other soft tissues.

Some types of piercings pose more dangers due to placement.

Lip piercings may be placed just about anywhere from the corner of the mouth to the center of the lips. Some people pierce their lower lips, and some pierce their upper lip. While all lip piercings pose some risks to your oral health, certain placements can be riskier than others. For example, a Monroe piercing, which is a piercing placed high on the upper lip, may be more likely to cause soft tissue damage inside your mouth because the back of the jewelry will rub against your gums.

The wrong lip ring can be damaging to tooth enamel and soft tissues.

If you have a piercing that is large enough to tap at your teeth or gums, it is best to trade it in for something smaller or consider eliminating the piercing. Repetitive tapping or rubbing against enamel can cause it to brink down faster. Likewise, a piercing that is constantly in contact with the soft tissues of your mouth can cause an abrasion that could lead to an infection or the deterioration of healthy gum tissue.

Get Advice About Lip Piercings from a Wilmington Dentist

While showing off your personality with body modifications like piercings may be mostly safe, it is ever-important to go into these changes with an understanding of the risks involved. If you have a lip piercing that you suspect is causing issues with your oral health, reach out to us at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake in Willowbrook, IL to schedule an appointment.


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