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Treatment Options for Open Bite

Are you struggling with an open bite? This occurs when your upper teeth no longer meet your lower teeth when your mouth is closed. Although an open bite can happen in the front or the back of your mouth, it usually affects the front incisors. As a result, biting and chewing your favorite foods becomes much more difficult. Your dentist in Willowbrook, IL, can tell you more about what causes an open bite and how it’s treated.

Why Do I Have an Open Bite?

There are several good reasons why you may have developed an open bite. You may just be prone to this malocclusion through genetics. Or, possibly, you suffered recent trauma or injury to your teeth or mouth. In children, open bites may develop due to thumb- or pacifier-sucking. Or if you have a habit of constantly sucking your lower lip or thrusting your tongue against your front teeth, these habits could contribute, too.

Regardless of why you may have developed an open bite, your orthodontist can fix it. And you’re never too old to correct this type of dental problem. The first step is getting in touch with your family dentist for a consultation and diagnostic tests to see what’s going on beneath your gums.

What Can My Dentist Do for Open Bite?

Braces are often a good treatment option to correct an open bite. And if you dislike how visible they are, clean aligners may be another great solution. There may be some instances where braces or aligners aren’t the right choice, however. And in these instances, your orthodontist may recommend a safe oral surgery to correct the problem.

Treatment for Open Bite in Willowbrook, IL

For the diagnosis and treatment of open bite in Willowbrook, IL, turn to the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake. The Dentists of Hinsdale Lake specialize in keeping you and your family at ease. We know dental visits can be stressful, but our friendly and experienced staff are professionals, and we’ll go that extra mile to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment for your open bite. Call today to set up a convenient consultation.