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Teeth Cleaning at the Dentist: What to Expect

Your teeth don’t have to hurt in order for you to visit the dentist. Many people see the dentist every six months for professional teeth cleaning. Professional teeth cleaning is much more involved than what you do on a daily basis. Sure, you may brush, floss, and maybe even use mouthwash, but do you scrape the tartar off your teeth? Do you polish your teeth?

A tooth cleaning at your dentist’s office makes your mouth feel clean and fresh. These cleanings are often performed by dental hygienists, who are highly trained in dental care. They must have the appropriate amount of education as well as state licensure.

If you haven’t had a teeth cleaning in a while, you’re missing out. While the noise of the tools can be distracting for some, many people think of teeth cleaning as a relaxing experience. Make an appointment with the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake today and see for yourself. Here’s what you can expect. 

Dental Exam

First, the dental hygienist will use a small mirror to check around your teeth and gums for inflammation or other concerns. If everything looks OK, they will proceed with the cleaning. If there are obvious issues, though, the dentist may have to take a look. 

Plaque and Tartar Removal

The dental hygienist then uses a tool called a scaler to get rid of plaque and tartar around your gum line and in between your teeth. If plaque is left on your teeth for too long, it will harden into tartar, which is much more difficult to remove. You’ll hear scraping, but this is normal. Tartar cannot be removed at home; it can only be done at your dentist’s office

Teeth Scrubbing

After your teeth are tartar-free, the hygienist will scrub them with a high-powered electric brush. The hygienist will use special toothpaste with a gritty consistency that gently scrubs your teeth.


You may floss daily at home, but an expert flossing session can help get deep between your teeth. If you bleed a lot, you may have troublesome areas that need more attention. The hygienist can identify these spots and help get all the food particles and debris out of your teeth. 


Your dental hygienist will then give you a rinse that contains liquid fluoride. This will help get all the toothpaste and other debris out of your teeth and mouth. 

Other Services

Your hygienist may perform other services. For example, you may also get X-rays, which are pictures of your teeth. These pictures can determine if there are any issues going on in your mouth. For children, fluoride and sealants may be put on teeth to help prevent cavities. 

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Even if you brush and floss daily, you need to visit your dentist regularly to get your teeth as clean as possible. Avoid cavities and other dental issues with help from Dr. Borowicz and the hygienists at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake.

Our Willowbrook dentist and his team can provide you with top-notch care. Keep your teeth beautiful and healthy for life. Call our office today at (630) 323-5333 to schedule an appointment.