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Removable and Fixed Bridgework: What’s the Difference?

Bridgework can be either fixed or removable. The type your dental professional recommends depends on a number of factors. If you have lost most or all of your teeth, but you still have enough bone structure to support it, a fixed bridge is often suggested. This permanent and non-removable substitute for your missing teeth could be a good fit for your needs if you don’t need lip and/or facial support.

For a patient with significant tooth loss, as well as questionable lip, bone, and facial support, a fixed bridge might not be the answer. Instead, bridgework that is removable and that fits over the top of any implants is likely to be the recommendation. To better meet their unique needs, this fixed bridge — which is sometimes called an “overdenture” — can be made either with a palate that is wholly covered by denture plastic or one that is designed with an open palate.

Factors That Affect the Bridgework Recommendation

In addition to considering the dental support that a patient has, other factors often affect the recommendations that a dental professional might make.

Regardless of the current health of a patient’s mouth and teeth, every dentist aims to improve it overall. A removable bridge allows the patient to clean and maintain the teeth and tissues that remain.

For most people, the way a particular piece of bridgework looks is the most crucial factor when it comes to deciding between a fixed and removable bridge. Any dental professional not only has an understanding of the science behind facial aesthetics but also how they can provide the tools needed to bring harmony and balance to the face.

Many patients don’t consider the issues of maintaining their bridgework when considering their choices. While both removable and fixed bridgework needs to be properly maintained, removable ones make the process easier and more cost efficient for the patient.

Only be scheduling an appointment with your dental professional, will the best choice for you become apparent.