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Hyperdontia – Why Having Extra Teeth Can Be a Problem

Hyperdontia is a specific and somewhat rare condition that involves growing more teeth than what is considered normal. The average adult should have 32 teeth, but individuals with hyperdontia can have new teeth show up at several points in their smile. While having extra teeth may seem like nothing more than a cosmetic issue, the additional teeth can pose some problems for your oral health.

Extra teeth can make your teeth harder to keep clean on your own.

If you are vigilant about your oral hygiene, you know that cleaning carefully and thoroughly around each tooth is a must. If you have extra teeth, it can make it really hard to get in there and brush and floss around all points of your teeth. Unfortunately, without intervention or direct care from a Willowbrook dentist, the inability to thoroughly clean every tooth can make you more likely to have issues with decay.

Hyperdontia can cause issues with gum disease.

Abnormalities in the shape and formation of your gums due to the extra teeth you have in your mouth can make you more prone to gum disease. For example, if you have stacked incisors (one right behind the other), the gum tissue between those two incisors can be stressed and more vulnerable to bacterial growth, injury, and other issues. Likewise, the added teeth can alter how you use your mouth when you chew, which can make your soft tissue more prone to injury.

Extra teeth may lead to crowding problems for your other teeth.

Having teeth that are positioned too close to other teeth can cause issues due to crowding. You may feel pain and sensitivity in your teeth because of the undue stress of other teeth pushing against them. Some people with hyperdontia actually have a lot of jaw pain because of this very reason.

Find Quality Dental Care in Willowbrook, IL

Any time you have extra teeth in your smile lineup, it is best to talk to a dentist about the issue and get their professional advice. If you or your child has issues with hyperdontia, reach out to us at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake in Willowbrook to schedule an appointment.