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Home Teeth-Whitening Remedies and Hidden Dangers

A high percentage of people feel a little self-conscious about the shade or color of their teeth, but a yellowed or discolored smile is not something you necessarily have to be stuck with. There is an array of whitening procedures that your Willowbrook, IL dentist can help you with. Nevertheless, many patients attempt whitening procedures at home before visiting the dentist, and this is not always a good idea. Many of the remedies found online for whiter teeth are questionable at best. Here is a look at some of the home teeth-whitening remedies and the hidden dangers every individual should know.


It is true that one of the main ingredients in most whitening agents is peroxide. However, using peroxide straight from a bottle to whiten your teeth with some remedy found online is never a good idea. In a scientific study of peroxide for whitening the teeth, it was determined that leaving peroxide on the teeth for too long can actually cause damage to the enamel of the teeth.


Bleach is a highly corrosive chemical, and it should never be used on your teeth or put on your mouth or in your mouth where it can be ingested. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there that may instruct individuals to use diluted bleach on their teeth to whiten them. This is never safe to attempt; it could not only damage your teeth but leave you with burns on your gums, tongue, and lips.

Store-Bought Whitening Kits

Perhaps the safest of home remedies for whiter teeth is store-bought whitening kits. These kits will offer clear instructions on how to use the product and are considered safe in most cases. However, you do have to make sure you are buying a product that is approved by the American Dental Association. Some store-bought whitening kits have questionable ingredients that may do more harm than good.

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We understand how important it is that you are confident with your smile, and we do everything we can to make sure you can reach that point. If you have tried home remedies in the past and fear you have caused damage to your teeth, or if you are interested in professional teeth whitening, contact us at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake for an appointment.