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Five Benefits of Dental Implants 

Is your smile the first thing people notice? For many, it is, but not necessarily for the right reasons. If your beautiful smile needs an upgrade, talk to yourdentist in Willowbrook, IL, about dental implants. Dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth, which is why they’re such a popular dental procedure. But aside from helping you bite and chew more easily, dental implants can also restore your smile to its dazzling best. In fact, they offer multiple benefits.

1. Preventing Bone Loss

Bone loss occurs when you have a tooth extracted, or lose a tooth, and put nothing in its place. It’s the pressure that normal biting and chewing places on a tooth that keeps the bone beneath it healthy. When that pressure is no longer in place, the bone is slowly reabsorbed by the body. Over time, this can wreak havoc on your dental health as teeth shift and reposition. Dental implants can help you avoid damage from bone loss.

2. Filling Gaps and Holes

Gaps and spaces left by shifting teeth are unsightly and may make you want to hide your beautiful smile. Fortunately, dental implants are great at hiding flaws such as large gaps.

3. Eliminating Tooth and Jaw Pain

When things aren’t positioned well inside your mouth, this may cause your jaw to become misaligned. An uneven jaw can cause headaches, jaw pain, and even pain in the back or shoulder. Dental implants can prevent an uneven jaw.

4. Improving Speech

As teeth shift and separate from the space left behind by an extracted tooth, it may become impossible to bring your upper and lower front teeth together. This may result in a speech impediment that makes it difficult to pronounce certain letters, such as ‘s’. If you talk with your dentist in Willowbrook, IL, about dental implants, you may avoid problems with your speech.

5. Making it Easier to Bite and Chew

And when upper and lower teeth no longer come together as intended, eating becomes a chore. It’s more difficult to bite and chew your favorite foods, such as spaghetti. This can increase your risk of choking.

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