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Do At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

Having a picture-perfect smile is at the top of everyone’s agenda these days, and there are plenty of products out there to make getting whiter teeth a possibility. In 2017, more than 39 million consumers used some kind of at-home teeth whitening product, but do these products work and are they safe? Here’s what you need to know about at-home teeth whitening kits.

Some Whitening Products Do Work

The majority of people who have yellowed teeth have stubborn stains on the enamel caused by things like coffee, tobacco products, or red wine. The majority of whitening products out there are capable of helping to dissolve these stains to some degree. However, most off-the-shelf products and kits will yield minimal results, only whitening the shade of your teeth a little.

Some Whitening Kits Can Cause Damage to Your Teeth

You really have to be careful about picking up a whitening kit at the store and not following the directions on the label to the letter. Some of these products contain hydrogen peroxide solutions, which are safe but can break down the enamel of your teeth if you leave the solution in your mouth for too long. Additionally, you must be sure to never buy a whitening kit from an unreputable source. Always look for the FDA’s seal of approval on any whitening kit you’re considering using.

Your Dentist Can Provide Home Whitening Kits

One thing a lot of consumers forget is their dentist can usually provide an at-home whitening kit. These dentist-provided whitening kits are far more effective at generating desirable results, and you can feel safer about using them with professional guidance and professional recommendations of the product given to you. For example, Dentists at Hinsdale Lakes provide quality whitening kits that have 6% hydrogen peroxide and can keep your teeth whiter for as long as two years.

The bottom line is home whitening kits for your teeth can work, but you must make sure you get a reliable product. Reach out to us at Dentists at Hinsdale Lakes to find out about our at-home teeth whitening kits.