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Anesthetic-Free Laser Dentistry: A Look at the Benefits

Laser technology has made its way into all kinds of medical treatments and health-related procedures. However, it is only within the last few years that laser technology has made its way into the dental treatment arena. If you have never heard of anesthetic-free laser dentistry, you are bound to be curious, especially if you have never been comfortable getting a traditional filling. Here is a look at the benefits of laser dentistry that allows treatments to be done without the use of localized anesthetic.

You will not have to get shots in your mouth.

Ask patients what the worst part of a lot of dental treatments is, and they will likely tell you that the shots are it. Even though your dentist takes measures to prevent shots in the soft tissue from causing pain, they can definitely be uncomfortable. With laser dentistry, the process is non-invasive and quick, which means it is less common to have to use localized anesthetic. Some people can also have issues with reactions to the localized anesthetic given with shots, which makes laser dentistry even more beneficial.

Cavities can be filled without drilling.

The drilling process involves using a tiny drill to drill away bits of the decay until there is a healthy opening that can be filled. Even though drilling a cavity is perfectly safe, it can be uncomfortable for some patients. You can oftentimes feel the vibrations from the drill. The laser used to eradicate decay does so smoothly and without any vibrations.

There is less pain involved in typical dental treatments.

No shots, no drilling, and a quick process—laser dentistry is so advanced that it can often mean you have a more comfortable dental procedure overall. Healing times may even be reduced with certain procedures. For example, if you have an extraction, small remaining pieces of the tooth can be eradicated with the laser so the dentist does not have to open the gums further to get them out.

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Overall, laser dentistry is a vital part of modern-day dental treatment, and it is highly effective. If you would like to know more about anesthetic-free laser dentistry, contact us at Dentists of Hinsdale Lake for more information.