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3 Important Reasons to Consider Having Metal Amalgam Fillings Replaced

For many years, metal amalgam fillings for cavity treatment were a common solution. While the material is an effective solution to protect the tooth from further deterioration, the metal amalgam used may also contain mercury. At Dentists of Hinsdale Lake, we specifically offer mercury-free fillings because we fully understand the risks of mercury in the body. If you currently have fillings that contain mercury, deciding to have them replaced can be a good choice. Here is a look at some of the reasons people opt to have their fillings replaced with a mercury-free option.

Mercury is toxic to the human body.

Mercury is actually an element with a chemical structure that naturally occurs in the earth. While mercury has been used for a lot of different medical processes and products, the material can also be damaging to the human body. For example, mercury has been shown to have a detrimental effect on the nervous system and immune system and may pose problems for certain organs. While a filling may only contain minimal amounts of mercury, most people do prefer to avoid any risks by having any undue exposure.

Mercury can cause problems when in contact with other metals.

Mercury is actually corrosive when it comes in contact with other types of metal. Therefore, if you have braces, the mercury in the amalgam fillings in your teeth can cause corrosive action for your braces. When you get braces, many dentists will recommend that you actually have any amalgam fillings that contain mercury replaced before the treatment.

Mercury can be especially dangerous for some people.

While minuscule amounts of mercury are not likely to cause most people problems, some people can be especially sensitive to mercury exposure. Children under six years old, pregnant women, and people with specific immunodeficiency diseases and kidney problems should avoid mercury exposure as much as possible.

Looking for mercury-free fillings in Willowbrook? Let’s talk.

When you have a filling placed in your tooth, you should rest assured the material used is never going to cause you harm. If you have metal fillings you would like to have replaced or have a cavity and need a filling, reach out to us at the Dentists of Hinsdale Lake in Willowbrook to schedule an appointment.